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  • Do I need to tear the Hoy Hoy bait sachet?

    – Tear the foil sachet (in light orange color) and you will see a clear sachet containing bait. Place the clear sachet on the glue strip without tearing off. (The clear sachet has small holes that emit smell to lure cockroaches.)

  • After taking ARS Killer, where do rats go?

    – Warfarin, an effective ingredient in Rat Killer causes broken retinal capillaries in rats. Rats tend to come out in light after taking Warfarin as their vision become poor. (Rats have very small and fragile retinal capillaries which are prone to be broken. Warfarin works against vitamin K, resulting in unstoppable bleeding and eventually kills the rats. 

  • Why doesn't rat die after eating ARS Killer?

    – ARS killer is not an instant killer product. For the killer to takes effect, the rat has to take 10 – 15 pieces of bait a time for at least 5 days. 

    – Big rat –> place 10 – 15 pieces per location

      Small rat –> place 8 – 12 pieces per location

      Allow the distance of 1-2 metres between each location.

    – Rats eat very little bait as they are drawn to some other thing.

  • Why didn't ants eat bait?

    – Check the environment where you place the bait:

      –> Place a bait station in several locations. All locations should be in ant trails.

      –> Make sure that there are no other food near the bait station to distract the ants.

      –> Do not place the bait station in a wet or humid place as it deteriorates bait’s quality.

      –> Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or high temperature as it deteriorates bait’s quality.

  • How can I remove the glue from my pet's hair?

    – Wipe the affected area with vegetable oil.

    – Use powder on the affected area to avoid tangled hair.

  • Why doesn't the ARS RAT GLUE work?

    – There may be oil, dust, or other particles on the rat’s body which makes the glue trap less effective.

    – Rats learn fast. Location for ARS Rat Glue may need to be changed.

    – Rats are distracted by something that is more attractive than the bait on glue strip.

    – SMARTPACK : more effective with small rats or household rats.

    – We recommend 90 gram trap for bigger rats.

  • How long does ARS Aqua Fumigator's effect last?

    – The effect on insects last for 2 weeks. After an insect walks pass or touches the fumigated area, it will be killed within 72 hours. 

  • Can ARS Aqua Fumigator be used to get rid of ants?

    – ARS Aqua Fumigator can kill termites/ants in the room. However, it can not get rid of termites that hide within cracks in the wall or ants hiding in their nest unreachable by the fumes.

    – For ants :  Ant Killer, the bait that will kill the whole ant colony after ants take it back to the nest.

  • Can ARS Aqua Fumigator be used to get rid to termites?

    – ARS Aqua Fumigator can kill termites/ants in the room. However, it can not get rid of termites that hide within cracks in the wall or ants hiding in their nest unreachable by the fumes.

    – For termites : Ars Mite with special long aluminium tube for out of reach area is recommended.

  • Can ARS liquid refill be used with other electric repeller brands?

    – It depends on size of the mat slot of a given brand. However, ARS do not guarantee effectiveness of the refill as it has been tested solely on ARS electric repellers.

    – We recommend that you use ARS Nomat electrical repeller and ARS liquid refill as it lasts for a longer period without the need to change the mat frequently.

  • Can ARS Electric Mosquito Repeller be used in a room with young children?

    – Not recommended for children less than one year of age. It is recommended that the electric repeller be used prior to entry to the room. Leave the repeller plugged in for about one hour. Unplug the repeller and keep the room vacant for 15 minutes before bringing the children back in. 

    – Or plug the repeller into a wall socket nearest to the door to drive away mosquitos from the room and prevent those from outside the room from entering. Leave it plugged in for an hour before allowing kids to get back in. Then close the door properly. (Please be sure to select the electric repeller that is appropriate with the recommended room size. If the room is larger than the size suggested on the label, add more repeller to ensure the desired effect.

  • What is DOMINO EFFECT?

    After cockroach eats the bait, the active ingredient will start working until it gets back to the nest and finally die. Then, other cockroach will eat that dead cockroach and finally die. Those infected cockroach will left feces and other cockroaches may eat such feces and finally die.

  • Is the direction for use different from normal cockroach bait?

    It is the same direction for use, just place this bait where cockroach is often found, such trash area, in the kitchen, under the washing sink, etc.

  • Why do you notice mosquito in the room after apply 1 push of Ars One Push Xtra?

    The effective dosage of 1 PUSH is for the room size of 16 square metres (36 cubic meters) If the room is larger than 16 square meters, 1 PUSH of spray will not be enough to get rid of mosquito. Therefore, more push of spray is required for larger room.

  • Is the direction for use of Ars One Push Xtra the same as those of normal insecticide spray?

    Direction for use of Ars One Push spray is different from normal insecticide spray as follows : For normal insecticide spray, it is required to spray several times and hold the spray for 1-2 seconds each spray. For Ars One Push Xtra, only one push of spray from our new technology of triple power spray can continuously release the active ingredient and contain sufficient amount of active ingredient to get rid of mosquito.

  • Can Ars One Push Xtra be applied while children, cat, dog and allergic patients are in the room?

    Children above 1 year old and pet ( dog or cat) can stay in the room while application. It is recommended that patient or allergy patient should be removed from the treated area before application, and then re-enter the treated room after leaving 15-30 minutes.

  • Can Ars One Push Xtra be applied in home area?

    Yes, it can be applied in home area. The different advantage of Ars One Push Xtra from regular spray is that human can be in the room during application and only 1 Push of spray is effective for the room of 16 square meters.

  • What is the difference between normal insecticide spray and Ars One Push Xtra?

    In term of efficiency to get rid of mosquito, normal insecticide spray and Ars One Push Xtra are similar. In addition, Ars One Push Xtra is the new generation of insecticide spray together with new innovative sprayer, so called triple power sprayer. The new TRIPPLE POWER SPRAYER is to accelerate spray mist in wider and farther direction, and the new active ingredients are micro particle spray mist and light weight which can evaporate in the air for longer period througout all area. As a result, this product is effective for mosquito and fly.

  • Does the spray affect plastic surface?

    It is recommended to clean the plastic surface with damp clothes together with liquid cleaner. 

  • Does the spray affect normal floor?

    It does not damage the normal floor. However, the floor might be oily. So, it is recommended to clean the floor with damp clothes together with floor cleaner.

  • Why does cockroach still run away after application?

    As the active ingredient are natural extract, it will take more time than chemical ingredient but no later than 2 minutes for killing cockroach.

  • Does mosquito die immediately after application?

    It takes within 2 minutes.

  • Does mosquito die immediately after application?

    Some might immediately die but some might take time no later than 5 minutes. 

  • What is the correct direction for use?

    For mosquito or flying insect, Spray in the middle of the room. Hold the spray upright and spray upward to 4 corners of the room. Press spray 1-2 seconds to each corner.

  • How to clean the oily floor.

    If the oily surface might be left after application, wipe out the oily surface by the damp cloths with floor cleaner.

  • Why is the floor oily after applying this product?

    The active ingredient is 100% natural extract as well as the peppermint oil and the solvent in this formula is less evaporated. Therefore, the oily surface might be left after application.

  • Is refill is available?

    It is not available now due to the difficulty and effectiveness in production process. R&D will try to further develop the refill.

  • Is the efficiency test according to the direction for use available?

    Yes, it is available, otherwise this product can’t be passed FDA approval.

  • Is this product suitable for outdoor area, such as camping tent or outdoor cleaning area.

    It can be applied for camping tent to help prevent mosquito entering into the tent. It can also be applied at the clotheshorse which is ventilated area, so this product will help reduce no. of mosquito around that area.

  • Is this product effective if it is hanging at the non-ventilated area.

    The effectiveness will be less than hanging it at the ventilated area.

  • Can this product kill the mosquito? Why can't this product kill the mosquito?

    This product is to hang at the door or window which is the open air area, so it can repel mosquito from the treated area. The concentrate of active ingredient absorbed in the net is sufficient and effective to repel the mosquito away from the treated area. However, it will not be sufficient to kill mosquito. For killing mosquito, it is recommended that Ars Nomat and Ars mosquito coil can be applied.

  • Is this product dangerous for human?

    This product is not dangerous because the active ingredient is in Pyrethroid group which is highly effective for mosquito but safe for human, children and pet.

  • What is the suitable direction for use? Does it remain effective if applied in other directions?

    Hang at the entrance door or window where the mosquito can enter into your home. Other direction can be applied but it may not be as effective as the suggested directions.

  • How is Ars Hanging Guard working?

    This product is produced by the special technique from Japan. The active ingredient of transfluthrin will be released from the net and continuosly evaporated into the air. It will create transparent barrier to prevent mosquito to enter your home or reduce the number of mosquito in the treated area.

  • Can this product apply to the condensing unit at back of outside part?

    It is not recommended to apply our product to this condensing unit at the back panel of outside part because it has never been passed the test for this specific part.

  • Does it affect the electric circuit at the back panel of air conditioner?

    No, it doesn’t affect because the spray will contact only the part of cooling coil and air conditioner fan. It can’t reach to the back panel of air conditioner. Carefully follow the instruction on the label.

  • Does it affect air conditioning fan?

    It doesn’t affect the air conditioning fan which is plastic or metal. After spray Air con cleaner spray until spray run out, leave to dry for 15 minutes and then restart the air conditioner. Cleaning method of this product is the same concept as the cleansing air conditioner by air conditioning technician.

  • Does the active ingredient affect plastic part inside the air conditioner?

    The test result shows that there is no effect toward the plastic part inside the air conditioner.

  • Does Air con cleaner spray damage the cooling coil?

    It does not damage the cooling coil because and the ingredient consists of water and PH balance of PH balance of the ingredient is neutral.

  • Which type of air conditioner will be suitable for Air con cleaner spray?

    Air con cleaner spray must be applied with the air conditioner(Wall type only) and can’t be applied with other types of air conditioner such as floor ceiling type, floor standing type,etc.

  • Is Mondahmin mouthwash different from other brands?

    Mondahmin mouthwash is only brand in the market to control the suitable PH balance for consumer. After the meal,  PH balance in mouth will turn to be acidic. If consumer brushes the teeth right after meal, enamel on their teeth will be lost.  Mondahmin mouthwash will help PH balance in their mouth and protect enamel on their teeth.

  • Can Mondahmin mouthwash be applied to all age?

    It can be applied to all age. Children 6 years of age or over should be used with parental supervision.   Fluoride formula is suitable for children 6 years of age and older.


  • How often can we use mouthwash?

    You can use as often as you need to help reduce bad breath, after meal and before bed. If you expect to use mouthwash before meal , it is recommended to use at least 30 minutes prior to having drink or meal.

  • What is Plague in your mouth?

    Plague is caused by bacterial and sugar. It is a  film of bacterial on the surface of teeth and will finally become tartar on your teeth if no proper oral care.  It is a major cause of tooth decay and gingivitis.